Experience the fire of faith

Come with us to fan the flames of faith

Hey! Hey! How about spending the next eight Sundays together exploring how our faith can be more vibrant and fulfilling? "The Fire of Faith" isn't just any book. It's a journey that can lead you to personal revival. What's more? You don't have to be on your own to do it. Invite your Real partner or anyone you like to share your thoughts and experiences with and come experience it together.

Every Sunday night 19-20 h. we will be exploring one of the eight themes of this book online. It will be a mix of sharing, discussion, and prayer. Just what we need for our spiritual boost! 

Attention change: on 21.4. and 19.5. we will start at 19:30!

Personal revival | Sharing and prayer | Spiritual atmosphere | New friends | Adding to the fire

7.4.2024: "Awakening, but how?" 

We'll focus on how to get started.

14.4.2024: "Your path to eternal life" 

Let's find out how it all works.

21.4.2024: "Being filled with the Holy Spirit" 

We will seek what it means to be pumped up by the Spirit.

28.4.2024: "Revival and Bible Study" 

We will explore how the Bible can kick us into gear.

5.5.2024: "Revival and prayer" 

We'll find out why prayer is a game changer.

12.5.2024: "Living the recovery together" 

Let's see how we can grow together.

19.5.2024: "Revival and Mission" 

We are inspired to serve other people.

26.5.2024: "Revival in the group of disciples" 

We will learn what it means to be a true disciple.

The meetings are intended for all young people, but also for older people, Mission Camp participants and their friends, who want to be part of a group that shares the same values.

Prepare the book "Fire of Faith", an open heart and a willingness to share and pray. Before each meeting, we recommend reading the chapter of the book and answering the questions in the book.

You can download the book by clicking here.

For any questions and further information write to missioncamp7@gmail.com.

You can download the book by clicking here.

How to join:

Everything will be online via ZOOM, so you can be at home. You can join us from 18:50, we'll start on time 🙂