Mission Camp Journey


The first step: the MC in Ostrava with the theme "In the Power of the Spirit", where 117 participants gathered.



Adapting to Covid: The planned MC in Olomouc was cancelled, but an online MC service with the theme "In Your Footsteps" was held.


Online: Online Mission Camp with the theme of "In Spite of" brought the broadcast program and ministry to a home setting, with over 113 youth participating.



Back to the personal meeting: the MC at the hotel in Strážovice near Kyjov with the theme "From Fear to Love", attended by about 130 young people.


Next trip: MC in Olomouc with the inspiring theme "BeNew. BeReal." This year's event saw a record 180 young people. It is wonderful how many youth are interested in spending Easter in spiritual reflection and service to others.


Expansion: the MC with the theme "Forever in the palms of our hands", which was attended by 233 participants, not only from the youth, but also from the older generation.

Our team

On the MC team, we are passionate volunteers who seek to obey God's direction and use our talents and gifts for His work. In this way, we work together to build an environment of support, desire for spiritual growth, and commitment to serving God.



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